Finding Your Next Big Idea at VSTE 2017

While we hope everyone leaves the VSTE Conference with many new ideas to improve your professional practice, the best is always that one big "aha" that you can turn around and use immediately. In this post, VSTE member Tracey Zaval talks about the great idea she brought back to her classroom from VSTE 2016. ------------ […]
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It Won’t Be All Work at VSTE 2017

The best reasons to attend the VSTE Conference are, of course, the many, many opportunities to learn and collaborate with your colleagues. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun during our three days in Roanoke. To that end, we hope everyone will be able to join us for the annual VSTE Karaoke […]
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Learning Together at the VSTE Conference

Attending the VSTE Conference is a great learning experience. Attending with a team from your school or district can make that experience even better. VSTE member Margaret Sisler came to the 2016 Conference in Virginia Beach with more than fifty of her colleagues and reflected on those three days in this post from last December. […]
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Playing in the Halls at the VSTE Conference

Most education conferences have a typical structure, with one or two keynote talks for all attendees and the bulk of the time devoted to hour long lecture/demo sessions of varying sizes. Tech education conferences also feature longer, hands-on sessions. At the VSTE Conference, we've been trying to shake up that model to encourage our members […]
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Student Showcase at the VSTE Conference

One of the highlights of the VSTE Conference is always the opening day Student Showcase. Sunday afternoon we get to hear directly from students at area schools about what they are doing in their classrooms and how technology is making a difference in their learning and their lives. From the 2016 Conference, here are a […]
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VSTE Keynote and Spotlight Speakers

For the annual conference, we try to bring our members some of the most significant and influential voices in educational change. During the Sunday spotlight at VSTE 2016, we heard from Jaimie Casap, Google's Global Education Evangelist. In his engaging and challenging talk, Jaimie discusses how our students will need to address global problems that we haven't […]
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We Need Your Session for VSTE 2017!

Our annual conference is just a little over three months away, and anyone who has attended this event in past years can tell you to expect three packed days of learning, interaction, and fun. But that experience doesn’t happen by itself and the conference committee is now gearing up to put all the arrangements in […]
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Proposed TSIP Revision

A committee of The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE), with the support of the Virginia Department of Education's Office of Technology and Virtual Learning, is drafting new Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIP). If approved, these standards will update the original 1998 standards and represent the base level skills that every educator must meet […]
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